My name is ANNITA SMIT (Vreeland, 1966), I live in Zaltbommel, Netherlands. I graduated in textile design at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. For my graduation project I created a number of pleated and folded felt and linen hats in bold and unusual design.
Presently my work consists of three dimensional remarkably shaped paper or linen art objects. I am intrigued by rhythm, texture and structure. This fascination results in autonomous art works created from a single large sheet of paper or piece of linen sometimes even sized two square meters and usually without the use of scissors. I rework the surface with among other things ink and watercolour ink creating various shades of colour. Sometimes this results in an apparently leather shape and in other instances the surface has a metallic look. The strong rhythm of folds and shades of colour creates a quiet atmosphere of rest and peace.

In 2010 I was admitted to the Bommel Art Route. Up till now I have exhibited in Zaltbommel, Amsterdam, Culemborg, Woudrichem, Gorinchem and at the Open Art Fair in Utrecht.