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    My art consists of unusual, hand-crafted two- and three-dimensional objects made out of all kinds of ready-made paper, ranging from redundant encyclopedias to ultra-thin Bible paper. The surface is treated with ink, among other substances.

    Meticulously folding, cutting and combining, creates spatial objects with great expressive power. Rhythm, movement, texture and structure are dominant in these creations. Through the rhythm of their shapes and the subtle shades of color, the works exude an atmosphere of tranquility, peace and order. Some objects have natural tones, and no coloring has been applied. In others the paper is dyed in acrylic inks, sometimes creating a prism of color shades. Applying color may create unexpected effects: a paper object may at first sight appear to be made out of a completely different material than paper.

    A whole series of trials invariably precedes the final creation of the object of art. An inquiry into shape, color, dimensions and proportions, allowing me to cut, glue and dampen specimens of paper to see how I can stretch the properties of the fragile, ultra-thin material. From the moment the idea for a new work has taken shape, the pain staking work of repetitive manual work begins. For this reason, I am always working on several objects simultaneously, to secure a balance between inspiration and repetitive precision work in progress.

    My inspiration comes from nature, the seasonal cycle, but also from artists like Anselm Kiefer and Armando and their presence of stillness and purity of form. The message of my art is the form itself, the observer is welcome to appropriate the work of art by a personal interpretation and experience.

    Studying textile design at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam, I graduated in 1994. As of 2009, I work as an independent artist in Zaltbommel in the Netherlands. I am a member of Focus Europe (an association for visual artists from across the EU) and of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA). My art was on exhibition both domestically in the Netherlands in Rijswijk and Amsterdam, as well as internationally in Genoa, Vilnius, Athens and Shanghai (see exhibitions).

    Annita Smit

    Pand 9, Atelier 101
    Van Heemstraweg West 9
    5301 PA Zaltbommel

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